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Established in 1993,  Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd (abbreviated as TDA) is currently a manufacturer and supplier of large and prestigious aluminum profiles on the domestic and foreign markets.

The factory has a scale of up to 120,000m² and has a large operating capacity. The aluminum production process is carried out in strict accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and QCVN 16:2019/BXD standards. Using a system of modern and synchronous machines from Japan and Germany to produce products of high quality and safety. TDA's products have been tested and evaluated for quality, meeting national standards on production processes, packaging specifications, and business operation sets.

TDA is currently one of the leading companies in PREMIUM PAINT and PLANT TECHNOLOGY in the country. Using superior electrostatic painting technology with 2 "standing" and "side-by-side" systems, imported from Germany with a capacity of more than 2000 tons/month. In addition, TDA is also famous for its advanced plating technology with international standard product lines. With the extensive professional experience of the technical team, TDA always brings the best quality products, meeting most of the needs of customers.

Up to now, the brand "Tien Dat" has covered all 38 provinces and cities in the country and further developed with 2 famous brands, XINGFATDA (abbreviated as XTDA) and GERNIUM.

XINGFATDA specializes in providing high-grade XINGFA ALUMINUM products, AL 6063 aluminum standard, using Dutch Akzonobel paint powder.

GERNIUM is a product line that specializes in exporting to foreign countries. With outstanding features of quality and meeting export standards. GERNIUM uses high quality workpiece, and standard hardness 14.

Tien Dat Aluminum is always proud to be one of the leading units in the field of aluminum profiles, bringing practical values ​​to life and raising the Vietnamese brand.


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03/03/2022 474

Currently on the market, we are probably too familiar with many wood grain aluminum products such as cabinets, tables and chairs or aluminum door systems with the wood grain surface being treated accurately and evenly, very similar to natural wood. , creating luxury, nobility. With reasonable prices, wood grain aluminum products are increasingly popular to replace natural wood products. So how is the wood grain film coating process at Tien Dat aluminum done? Why is wood grain aluminum so popular? Let's find out in today's article!

28/02/2022 2195

What is powder coating technology? How does the painting process work? What are the advantages of powder coated products? Let's find out in the article below:

25/02/2022 407

In a surprise televised speech at 6 a.m. Moscow time on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the opening of a special military operation in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, which pushed up oil prices. surpassing the threshold of 100 USD, the world aluminum price nearly touched the threshold of 3,500 USD/ton, setting a new record price of this metal.

12/02/2022 446

Tight supply, strong demand and escalating tensions in Ukraine have pushed aluminum prices to their highest levels since the global financial crisis, adding to inflationary pressures.

11/02/2022 499

World aluminum prices rose to a record high in the past 15 years when China blocked a city right next to the Vietnam border - Bach Sac (Baise).

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