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I, What is Aluminum Conveyor and Conveyor Belt?

a, Conveyor belt is a mechanical machine used to transport objects from one point to another. Instead of human-powered transportation that is both time-consuming and costly, it causes clutter in the work environment.

- It helps to save labor, the number of workers, reduce time and increase labor productivity.

Therefore, conveyor belts are one of the important parts in the production and assembly lines of factories and enterprises. Contributing to creating a modern, scientific production environment and freeing labor, bringing high economic efficiency to the company.

b, Aluminum Conveyor

The structure of industrial conveyors includes: Conveyor frame, conveyor face, controller, roller, chain and belt drive conveyor and reducer motor.

Conveyor frame is usually made of aluminum profile, steel or stainless steel. Currently, Aluminum Profile Conveyor Frame is the most popular and commonly used product for industrial conveyor production because of its outstanding advantages.

II, Outstanding advantages

Profiled aluminum conveyor frames are manufactured at Tien Dat factory according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards ensure the quality standards of each product made. Input materials are strictly tested and evaluated before being put into production.
The outstanding point of the TDA conveyor belt aluminum frame is that using plating technology, the hardness of the aluminum bar will be significantly increased by adding a layer of metal on the surface. TDA conveyor frame has high durability, ensuring safety when using.
The aluminum structure shapes many empty cavities to create a solidity to increase the load of the conveyor. ensure the production operation of enterprises.
Besides, the lightweight aluminum frame of the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble and move flexibly, not only bringing economic efficiency, it also reduces accidents at work, ensuring high safety.
With increasing demand for use, Tien Dat Aluminum is proud to be the unit that brings the most effective and optimal solutions for businesses.




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