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I. General introduction

In the construction industry, there are many types of copha with different materials such as wood, plywood, steel, plastic, aluminum... In which aluminum copha is the type that many people consider choosing.

Aluminum formwork is a form of prefabricated formwork from aluminum alloy as the main material, aluminum formwork forms combine into a system used to contain concrete during construction. Made from aluminum with lightweight, durable and non-stick properties during disassembly after concreting, so it is an effective solution when constructing large construction systems.

Aluminum formwork is available in various sizes suitable for pre-engineered high-rise building structures, these forms are disassembled for easy transport and reuse. The application of aluminum formwork technology in the construction process is a new step in the construction industry.

II. Advantages of Copha Aluminum

Lighter weight than common materials (about +/- 20kg/1m2) easy to install, light in transportation, fast in construction.
Absolutely flat surface
Can be reused many times, high non-stick ability.
Ensure site hygiene and cleaning after use is easy. No construction waste on site: All parts of the aluminum alloy backing plate are reusable and there is no waste on site after the formwork is removed to ensure a safe, clean and safe construction environment. succinct.
Concrete surface flatness is very good, no need for re-machining.
Maintenance costs are average


termites Resistance to

Good moisture and fire resistance

Water tightness

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