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I, What is Aluminum Heatsink?

Aluminum heatsink is one of the important components having different constructions for application in different electronic devices and machines. The surface of aluminum alloy material can be made with a thick layer of soft oxide film, with high corrosion resistance, long service life.

II, Application of aluminum heat sink

♦ When it comes to aluminum heatsink, many people will think that it is a heat sink for computer computers. However, aluminum heatsink is also used as a heat dissipation component for many other home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, pumps, heaters,... Most computer CPU coolers are made from aluminum because of their ease of manufacture and high thermal conductivity.

♦ In addition to aluminum materials, heat sinks can also be made of copper. But aluminum is the most common material for the manufacture of metal heat sinks. In particular, heatsinks made from extruded aluminum are suitable for most projects because aluminum is lightweight and has relatively good thermal conductivity.

♦ Flat back extruded aluminum heatsink is one of the common structural heat dissipation aluminum components, commonly used in various electronic devices and machines. There are two popular lines of industrial heatsinks: active heatsinks and passive heatsinks.

III, Outstanding points of TDA products

Tien Dat aluminum heat sink products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.
The quality of heat sink aluminum plays an essential role in the performance of machinery and electronic equipment especially for high-frequency finished products to ensure the equipment operates at stable temperatures. Therefore, Tien Dat Aluminum always focuses on the selection of raw materials. Input materials are strictly tested and evaluated before being put into production.
The products manufactured in Tien Dat are of high quality, fully meeting the required factors to ensure safety, durability and great heat resistance.



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