Currently on the market, we are probably too familiar with many wood grain aluminum products such as cabinets, tables and chairs or aluminum door systems with the wood grain surface being treated accurately and evenly, very similar to natural wood. , creating luxury, nobility. With reasonable prices, wood grain aluminum products are increasingly popular to replace natural wood products.

So how is the wood grain film coating process at Tien Dat aluminum done? Why is wood grain aluminum so popular? Let's find out in today's article!

Wood grain coating process at Tien Dat

Wood grain coating is a method of coating an aluminum surface with wood grain or an artificial (artificial) wood surface created by an active adhesive. The advantage of this technology is that it does not take much effort and the technology has less errors, creating a uniformity between the wood grain on the surface.

(High-end heat press machine system in Tien Dat)

The process of coating aluminum wood grain at Tien Dat is done according to the following steps:

Step 1: Check the quality

First, the aluminum bar after the extrusion process will be thoroughly checked by the KCS department for factors such as: physical function and aluminum surface. If the aluminum bar meets the standards, it will be put into the next process.

Step 2: Paint Profile

The aluminum bar after quality inspection is cleaned of the surface, and painted with a powder-coated surface in the same color as the wood grain in 3 different patterns. The light density is suitable for three colors of grainy wood grain, light wood grain and dark wood grain. Then, transfer to the drying oven to dry.

Step 3: Stick the wood grain film

The process of gluing wood grain film will be carried out using the most modern technology from Japan, with a high-class heat press machine system. Provides a uniform wood grain surface, very similar to natural wood.

(Paste wood grain film at Tien Dat)

Why is Tien Dat wood grain aluminum so popular?

Currently, wood grain aluminum is currently the preferred material to replace the increasingly scarce natural wood. In particular, with the outstanding advantages of aluminum compared to other materials such as sound insulation, heat insulation and high durability. Therefore, wood grain aluminum is increasingly popular and chosen for many projects.

Tien Dat wood grain aluminum products are made according to quality standards, using high quality 6063 alloy and powder coating technology of AkzoNobel powder coating company with a paint warranty of up to 25 years. High-class heat press machine system brings perfect finished products similar to natural wood products up to 95%.

Wood grain aluminum at Tien Dat is divided into 3 different wood grain colors, suitable for many customer preferences such as: light wood grain color, grained wood grain and dark wood grain.

(3 colors of wood grain paint at Tien Dat Aluminum)

Wood grain surface has high durability, high resistance to scratches and abrasion. Reasonable prices and extremely competitive in today's market.

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