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I. Introduction

Door 700 is commonly used in the design of doors of civil works. Assembled from system 700 with design to ensure high bearing capacity. Aluminum systems are manufactured in Tien Dat with a production process that complies with ISO 9001: 2015 and QCVN 16: 2019/BXD standards.

Usually the  700 series aluminum model has an aluminum bar that has the same role as a beam. The limit of deflection that the product is specified is 700mm. This type of material is commonly used to produce  700 aluminum door models doors and windows.

II. Advantages

Thanks to the standard dimensions, the  700 aluminum door model  possesses a quality that lasts over time. Products for outstanding performance during use.

700 aluminum doors are considered as a product line with many outstanding advantages.

The product has a sustainable structure with modern anodizing technology for effective rust and corrosion resistance. Almost the glass door model does not get crushed even though it is affected by windy and rainy weather.
700  aluminum doors have a synchronous design, providing high compatibility in every door detail. This has helped the glass door model to be equipped with effective water resistance and windbreak.
The beautiful 700 aluminum door model has excellent sound and heat insulation. The product helps to keep the installation space away from annoying noise and sudden temperature rise and fall.
Both the aluminum frame and the included glass are smooth and polished, making them easy to clean. You will not spend too much time and effort during the cleaning process.
Elegant, modern glass door model, with many different designs. However, the price of 700 aluminum doors is extremely competitive on the market today.


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