What is powder coating technology? How does the painting process work? What are the advantages of electrostatically painted products? Let's find out in the article below:

Application of powder coating technology at XINGFATDA aluminum factory

Currently, powder coating technology is a modern method used by XINGFATDA aluminum factory to paint the surface of aluminum bars to produce high quality products.

Powder coating is: a popular technology to color aluminum bars, by means of dry powder particles that adhere to the surface of aluminum bars and are acted upon by electrostatic force.

For dry powder coating technology, its powder form will be charged a (+) charge when it passes through a device called a powder coating gun, and the paint object is also charged a (-) charge to create a adhesion between the paint and the object being painted. Currently, this method is a widely used method because of its economy and quality, which is suitable for the tastes of many construction projects.

Especially, Tien Dat is one of the pioneers in the application of powder coating technology: "Son Standing" and "Son Ly". With the most advanced technology, we are committed to bringing the perfect aluminum surface quality to consumers.

How does the electrostatic painting process work?

With equipment, machinery system is invested synchronously, completely imported from Germany and Japan. Using an automatic system, monitoring the thermal deformation of the powder coating furnace, to ensure the consistency of the paint surface quality as well as achieve the highest efficiency after finishing the product.

Paint process at XINGFATDA factory through 5 basic steps:
Step 1: Surface treatment
Step 2: Dip Chromium
Step 3: Dry
Step 4: Spray paint
Step 5: Drying

The aluminum powder coating process at XINGFATDA Factory is carried out and tested strictly according to standards. Each aluminum bar after the painting process is checked for quality, paint surface, adhesion, impact and plasticity of the paint film.
This is also the last step performed in the aluminum profile production process at XINGFATDA Aluminum factory.
Outstanding point of powder coating technology at Xingfa TDA aluminum factory!

At the XINGFATDA aluminum factory, two powder coating technologies are currently being applied, namely Son Standing and Son Ly. In which "Standing Paint" is a coating technology that achieves large quantities, smooth and beautiful spray colors to produce high-quality products with high aesthetics that are favored by many customers.

The application of electrostatic painting technology brings products with long life, gloss, and durability. Not corroded by oxidizing chemicals. Safe metal surface protection.

In particular, with this technology, aluminum bars with diverse, suitable colors and high aesthetics will be produced. Bring absolute satisfaction to many projects.
Powder coating does not contain harmful carcinogens, unlike other outdated traditional liquid spray painting methods. In addition, it also helps to save costs, bringing high economic efficiency. Paint quality at TDA has been granted with a paint warranty certificate of Akzonobel paint group up to 25 years.

For many years, Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd. - TDA has always strived, improved professional qualifications, invested in upgrading production systems to bring to customers products that meet export standards, meeting most all needs for life as well as industrial production.
XINGFATDA Aluminum Factory is honored to be a companion of every home!



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