Warranty Policy

Warranty policy applies to all products manufactured by Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd.

     I. Warranty conditions

Products provided by Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd. have clear invoices and documents.
The product has the correct label with the TDA brand, intact, not modified, erased information.
Returns and exchanges for damage caused by manufacturing defects.

     II. Warranty disclaimer

Products under one of the following conditions will be refused warranty, exchange.

Products do not have stamps, ex-warehousing notes, invoices and documents of origin.
Products damaged by natural disasters: Fire, flood, lightning, etc.
Customers cause defects such as: deformation, warping, scratches, ...
The product is not installed in accordance with the specifications and installation drawings of the company.
The product is out of warranty period.
     III. Warranty period

Depending on the different products, we will apply warranties on some of our products from 1 to 5 years according to manufacturing standards and construction standards.