The year 2021 is not easy to pass, the impact of the epidemic makes many businesses difficult, but Tien Dat Aluminum and its customers and partners have come together and made efforts to overcome the difficulties. Hopefully this 2022, we will continue to accompany and cooperate with our customers and partners to achieve more success.

How did we get through 2021?

Experiencing an outbreak at the end of April, Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd. in particular and many businesses in Vietnam in general were more or less affected by the impact of the pandemic. The pandemic was complicated, causing production activities and people's lives as well as the factory's public and employees to be disturbed. Ho Chi Minh City was at the peak of the epidemic, all help in all regions went to the city named after Uncle Ho and the southern provinces. From white-shirted soldiers to comrades, defense soldiers not afraid of danger, they are united only to hope to repel the epidemic and protect people's health. That solidarity shows the inherent spirit of our nation, from young people who volunteered to participate in the frontline of epidemic prevention and wanted to contribute a little bit of their efforts to repel the epidemic to people who joined hands. raise awareness and strictly comply with the state's regulations on epidemic prevention and control. We have experienced a difficult 2021, hopefully 2022 will be new and better flourishes.

To overcome these difficulties and stabilize such production and business activities, it is not just the help of an individual's efforts. Tien Dat Aluminum would like to sincerely thank the trust, support and cooperation of our customers and partners during the past time! Thank you to all Tien Dat officers and employees who always accompany the leadership to overcome difficulties and challenges.

Looking to 2022 with many good flourishes!

Closing the tumultuous year of 2021, starting 2022 with the solidarity of Tien Dat's staff and the companionship of customers and partners, Tien Dat Aluminum will continue to develop and affirm its capacity. manufacture, bring high quality Vietnamese aluminum. Bringing Vietnamese brands to Asia.

Welcoming 2022 - the year of the Tiger, Tien Dat Aluminum wishes all customers, partners and everyone a new year   Fortune - An Khang - Prosperity - Van Su Nhu Y!



As part of the series of volunteer activities "Spring together - Tet sharing", on the morning of January 8, 2023, Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd cooperated with An Binh ward to give 140 Tet gifts to families in difficult circumstances. local towels


Together with XINGFATDA Aluminum Factory, look back on the recovery and development process after the first 6 months of the year


Currently on the market, we are probably too familiar with many wood grain aluminum products such as cabinets, tables and chairs or aluminum door systems with the wood grain surface being treated accurately and evenly, very similar to natural wood. , creating luxury, nobility. With reasonable prices, wood grain aluminum products are increasingly popular to replace natural wood products. So how is the wood grain film coating process at Tien Dat aluminum done? Why is wood grain aluminum so popular? Let's find out in today's article!