How does XINGFATDA Aluminum Factory recover after the pandemic?

After a long period of stopping production due to the complicated situation of the Covid epidemic. From October to 2021, production activities at XINGFATDA Aluminum Factory began to recover, put into operation with large capacity, meet high supply, after the interruption due to the epidemic; Maintain supply chain, stabilize jobs for employees.

During the past time, the situation of price fluctuations in the market has been extremely complicated due to the influence of many factors. In particular, the "impact" from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to many fluctuations in the world economy as well as the domestic economy.

When a series of goods skyrocketed, especially when the price of gasoline and fuel increased sharply, it led to the price of many other aspects, including metals.

The price of aluminum has fluctuated greatly in recent times. To ensure sufficient supply, we always maintain a large inventory of aluminum, maintaining a stable production process. Therefore,  ensure the supply of Profile, competitive price as well as maintain many appropriate policies to support the dealer and distributor system.

Investment to expand scale, sustainable development

Up to now, the demand for products at Tien Dat Aluminum is increasing. To meet the large supply, improve product quality, expand distribution markets. Our factory is gradually expanding the scale of production. Building and expanding the extrusion workshop area; Investing in synchronously importing many new lines and modern machines.

At the same time, invite foreign experts to "research and apply" the most advanced technologies put into production, improve the quality of Vietnamese aluminum, and expand foreign export markets.

The trust and companionship of our customers is a great motivation for us to strive every day, improve production to bring the best quality products, proud to be one of the leading Vietnamese brands.

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As part of the series of volunteer activities "Spring together - Tet sharing", on the morning of January 8, 2023, Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd cooperated with An Binh ward to give 140 Tet gifts to families in difficult circumstances. local towels


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