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General introduction

In the past, when people needed to work at high positions, people often used bamboo or wooden ladders. This type of ladder is handmade, climbing will be uncomfortable. In addition, the durability of these ladders is not high, termites and mold affect the quality of the ladder, it will be unsafe to use.

Currently, with advanced technology, the production and design of aluminum ladder models are highly applicable for climbing activities, ensuring certainty and safety when used. Aluminum ladder is a very popular product, made from high-grade aluminum alloy that is light in weight but very durable.

Advantages of aluminum folding ladder

Aluminum ladder integrates many advantages such as:

  • Compact and versatile design

Currently, on the market there are many different types of ladders with different designs. Tien Dat team is always at the forefront of research and creation, creating a variety of products, ensuring high safety. The product is designed and constructed from aluminum profiles manufactured at TDA factory according to international standards.

  • Flexible movement

With the main structure of aluminum, the weight of this device is usually very light. Compared with other types of metal ladders, aluminum ladders are superior because of the mobility that can be shortened, stretched, easily manipulated, folded and carried during work.

  • Safe and convenient

The products are manufactured at Tien Dat aluminum factory, the surface of the aluminum bar is treated with shiny and durable anodized plating technology, which is resistant to rust and high strength. Moreover, aluminum is non-magnetic, non-flammable, not easily oxidized, especially without toxic reactions to ensure absolute safety for users. In short, this is a very convenient and safe product, which is why aluminum ladders are so popular these days.



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