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Office partitions are quite familiar products in today's modern offices. Partitions with many different uses such as:

♦ Used to divide the room into different spaces to ensure the necessary separation, privacy and independence. Room dividers are usually fixed or movable wall-mounted walls ( movable partitions)

♦ Used to divide the workspace into many different cells, compartments, zones to create an independent working environment among employees. This partition is usually a mezzanine wall made from many different materials and thicknesses.

Currently on the market there are many models of partitions with many different materials, but office partitions, made from aluminum frames, are very popular because of many outstanding utilities.

Fixed Partition & Movable Partition

Fixed partitions are made of aluminum frames, usually aluminum or powder coated aluminum with many different colors. With compact structure, easy to disassemble and move. Forms and colors are diverse and convenient to use, making full use of office space, saving costs and optimizing usability.

The movable partition has a firm and flexible moving mechanism. Suspension rail system, high-strength aluminum profile rails linked to concrete ceilings or purlins thanks to a system of suspension arms and iron bolts. The plastic movable wall ball is covered with shatterproof stainless steel. The movable wall panels are clamped by specialized aluminum clamps, which are specifically designed for the glass movable partition system.

Outstanding Advantages of Fixed Partitions and Movable Partitions

  1.  Easy to disassemble

Because it has a fairly compact structure, there are few accessories attached, so basically, the movable partition is easy to install or remove, remove to move.

       2.  Reduce noise and save space

Aluminum and glass partitions have very good sound insulation. With the system of sliding rails, the use will become light, making less noise. The free space will be divided into many different small sections. Mobile partitions can be designed in the form of large wings that can be folded so that the area is maximized.

       3. Diversity of models and products

Mobile partitions are designed very richly, with many different products, you will have many choices to suit your project. Not only a variety of materials, but also a variety of colors.
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