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Movable Porch

General introduction

Currently, aluminum frames are the first choice for mobile awnings because of the outstanding features that aluminum frames bring. The movable awning is a modern roofing product, covered with different materials and attached to the wall on the outside of the house or fixed separately by an aluminum frame. It is used to cover rain, shade and decorate the house. Tien Dat Aluminum is a unit specializing in providing diverse mobile aluminum frame designs, suitable for many different mobile awnings.

Structure and advantages

The structure of the movable awning consists of 2 parts: the frame and the canvas

  • The awning frame is made from the main material  TDA profiled aluminum. Aluminum frame is designed with strong advantages.
  • Awnings or movable awnings are products that are directly exposed to the harsh effects of weather such as sunshine, rain, wind and storm. Therefore, the awning aluminum frame needs to ensure the factors of bearing capacity as well as high durability.
  • With the structure of the main shafts made from solid aluminum bars, easy to design and construct. A wide range of colors gives you a variety of products to choose from. Besides, aluminum profiles provided by Tien Dat have great bearing capacity, high durability, which is very suitable for the selection and construction of design and construction products.
  • TDA aluminum frame features all-weather, lightweight, stainless steel, easy maintenance, installation and reasonable price.
  • In addition to the frame, the canvas is also the main part that covers a large space and combines with the frame to create an aesthetic for the eaves.
  • Awnings that move by means of a control motor or handwheel, which can be pulled out or retracted when you want, awnings are one of the most versatile and popular mobile awning products.

Depending on the order requirements, Tien Dat will bring different models to meet the increasing demands of the market.





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