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I, Power Transmission Accessories

In production activities or in the process of using electricity, people often refer to the phrase power transmission equipment or power transmission accessories. So what is a power transmission accessory and what features does it have?

Power transmission accessories have the function of supporting devices transmitting power from high voltage stations to substations and supplying electricity to households. Are accessories to structure and support devices that transmit power to the place of consumption stably.

Aluminum profile is a silvery-white metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity, so it is used in the production of power transmission accessories.

II, Advantages of TDA . power transmission accessories

One big advantage of TDA aluminum power transmission accessories:

  • Lightweight aluminum accessories, with anodized surface treatment technology, create high durability, high corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminum is up to 2.5 times lighter than copper, while its conductivity is 60% of copper, so it is easy to conduct the same current over the same length, aluminum wire reduces more than 30% in mass compared to copper.
  • Aluminum is a very easy material to find, and our country has a lot of bauxite ores for aluminum smelting. Therefore, the use of aluminum conductors instead of copper wires has a very important meaning, often used in the electricity industry to transmit electricity.
  • Power transmission accessories products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. With popular designs for high application in the power industry.




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