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Trends for current street and villa projects

If currently aluminum doors are chosen as the optimal solution to replace natural wood, the #aluminum rolling door model is considered a new trend for townhouses and villas because

This is:
♦  The product line is diverse in color and design.
With the high applicability of aluminum alloy materials, the aluminum factory TDA offers many different mold designs, promptly meeting the needs of customers. Check out many of today's most popular models of roller shutters.

♦ Product line that combines flexibly with NAN XUAN SANG.
With a flexible combined shape with light-through spokes, this rolling door model both ensures safety and stability and meets the necessary amount of light to help your home space not be secretive and stuffy.

♦ Super quiet operation product line
Thanks to the synchronous technical frame design from high-quality protruding products and shock absorbers. Besides, with increasingly modern technology, this product line is also integrated with smart lock technology, reversing when encountering obstacles, sensors, etc. to help the rolling door operate, operate easily and quickly. ensure much higher safety than other product lines.

The benefits of rolling doors

Rolling doors are made from aluminum profile bar, lightweight aluminum and high elasticity will help the door set life longer, save costs for users.
Each door spoke has a lot of slits that can be adjusted to let in light and air. So your space will not be cramped.
Outstanding protection for your home because the rolling door is fitted tightly into the wall frame, it is impossible to pull out or pull the door, but it takes a lot of effort from many people.
Rolling doors are made from aluminum profiles outstanding by a variety of designs and colors.
With advanced production technology, depending on your preferences, needs and purposes of use, you can contact Tien Dat Aluminum for advice and suitable product selection.







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