Seminar on trade remedies in international economic integration


At 2pm on December 16, VTC News held an online seminar on the topic "For businesses to actively use and respond to trade remedies when Vietnam joins the FTA" with the participation of the Trade Remedies Administration. Trade (Ministry of Industry and Trade), representatives of Vietnam Aluminum Association and economic experts.

The content of the seminar revolved around finding solutions for businesses to more effectively use trade remedies when Vietnam joins free trade agreements (FTAs).

This is also an opportunity for policy makers and management agencies to have conditions to access and receive multi-dimensional information, as a basis for developing appropriate and effective action plans to effectively use government policies. trade remedy policy when Vietnam integrates into the world economy.

Enterprises also have basic knowledge about trade remedies law, thereby raising awareness, proactively responding in a timely and more effective manner to trade remedy lawsuits.

According to Vietnam Aluminum Profile Association



Tight supply, strong demand and escalating tensions in Ukraine have pushed aluminum prices to their highest levels since the global financial crisis, adding to inflationary pressures.


World aluminum prices rose to a record high in the past 15 years when China blocked a city right next to the Vietnam border - Bach Sac (Baise).


Commodity prices last week fluctuated strongly, for the whole week many commodities fell, including oil and metals. In the last session of the week, information about the appearance of a new variant of the Covid-19 virus caused market panic.