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Solar Frame
About solar frames

Currently, the trend of using solar power is increasing because of its efficiency and affordability. Because the solar panel system is often placed outdoors and placed in the place where it receives the most sunlight, the use of the supporting frame must meet the following standards: Solid in terms of structure; Durable in terms of time; Light weight and easy to assemble.

Tien Dat Aluminum Co., Ltd is a reputable solar aluminum frame supplier on the market today. With many outstanding advantages, it fully meets the required standards when applying this product to production.

Outstanding advantages of TDA solar frame

TDA solar frame system with outstanding advantages ensures compliance with the standards of solar energy systems such as:

  • Solid solar panel support frame

Solar frame is manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy AL T5-6005 (AL, Fe, Cu, Cr, Zn...). Has a solid cavity structure, good bearing capacity. In particular, capable of withstanding high winds.

  • Durable aluminum frame with time

Solar panel systems have a lifespan  of 25 years or more  because they are manufactured with many standards to ensure outdoor operation and isolate electrical components from the outside environment. Therefore, focusing on input materials as well as the production process, surface treatment with Anodized plating technology creates an extremely durable aluminum oxide layer on the surface. TDA is always rigorously tested, providing an aluminum frame that ensures the same durability.

  • Simple design easy to assemble

The installation location of the solar power system is often in an unfavorable position such as on a corrugated iron or tile roof. Therefore, the TDA aluminum frame is designed to be simple, to reduce transportation and installation costs and to facilitate maintenance.

  • The weight of the support frame is not too heavy

Installing a system that is too heavy on the roof will not guarantee the safety of the house because in the long run, the roof can weaken, no longer able to support a system that is too heavy. Therefore, when designing the TDA aluminum frame, it will still ensure the quality and durability, but the frame weight is not too heavy.



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