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General introduction

Aluminum mechanical processing is one of the groups of metal mechanical processing. Using modern machines through cutting, drilling, grinding... to create finished products or perform mechanical processing according to customer requirements. High-precision aluminum products, replacing traditional methods.

Aluminum is a low density metal that is resistant to passive corrosion. Tools made from aluminum and alloys play a particularly important role in the aerospace industry, transportation, structural materials, etc. Therefore, aluminum mechanical processing is increasing day by day. development and focus on investment.


With superior advantages compared to other metals, aluminum mechanical processing products gradually occupy a certain irreplaceable position.

At Tien Dat factory, with modern CNC processing machine system, it is possible to produce products such as: some details of machinery components, electronic components in the industry.

This is a form of automatic machining performed on a high-tech mechanical machine - Computer Numerical Control (CNC), using knives to cut or a fiber laser to melt aluminum.

The advantage of this form is that the machine is capable of cutting difficult and complex details, cutting in curves or straight lines or in many different directions on the aluminum sheet surface. The cut that this machine leaves is usually smooth and beautiful, ensuring the quality of aluminum products.

In addition, we also meet the requirements of processing and cutting according to other diverse drawings of customers.

The finished product has high precision and sophistication.

  • Ensure the requirements for quality as well as aesthetics.
  • With the characteristics of thin, light and high durability, mechanical processing products are widely used in industries such as:  manufacturing of machinery and equipment, transportation, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, construction of facilities…
  • Tien Dat Aluminium is confident to be the unit that meets most of customers' needs for aluminum products.


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