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General introduction

Interior design is a trend that many people are interested in. In 2021, with the trend of youthful and modern interior design, especially, it will follow the trend of the times, paying more attention to the combination of interior and nature. Therefore, it is very popular to delve into and produce a variety of environmentally friendly aluminum furniture products.

With Tien Dat cabinet system including household products, furniture such as: table, chair, shelf, aluminum cabinet, Eco furniture...with many unique, delicate and elegant designs. Skip unnecessary details.

Aluminum is considered a perfect material in terms of function and use value.

In the past, when it comes to furniture, people will immediately think of wood, but nowadays, houses with modern design style, most tend to use the main material from aluminum to design the interior space. the seventh. Products from Tien Dat interior aluminum systems have outstanding features and reasonable prices. With many outstanding advantages below:

Outstanding advantages of TDA . interior aluminum system

In order to meet the increasing market demand, Tien Dat team has constantly researched and created to bring the best quality products to customers. With each product will have its own advantages and functions. But products at Tien Dat will have outstanding advantages such as:

Interior aluminum products are designed from TDA aluminum with solid structure, high bearing capacity, and can withstand the impact of the outside without being deformed.
Many designs are simple to complex, varied and modern. There are many models used for many different design styles.
Currently, Eco interior design style applies TDA interior aluminum products quite a lot.

  • TDA cabinet system is manufactured on modern lines, surface treated by anodize plating technology, so the interior products will have high durability.
  • The lightweight interior aluminum structure makes it easier and lighter to use and transport.
  • Modern powder coating technology offers a variety of colors to make it easier for you to choose color products that are in harmony with the paint color of your home.


termites Resistance to

Many Styles

Good moisture and fire resistance

High Beauty

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