On April 10, 2021, in Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang province, Tien Dat Aluminum participated in the regular meeting of the first quarter of 2021 with other members of the Vietnam Aluminum Profile Association.

The regular meeting organized by the Vietnam Aluminum Profiles Association with the aim of orienting the building of a strong association, raising the brand name of Vietnam Aluminum products of member enterprises, the Conference discussed and presented propose many implementation solutions: participate in the development of policies suitable to the needs and practical conditions of the industry; encourage enterprises to apply the Association's Quality Standards; invest in developing Vietnamese aluminum brands; promote trade promotion activities, expand markets...

Photo: Member businesses participating in the conference. (Source: Vietnam Aluminum Profile Association)

In addition, the Conference also discussed and proposed appropriate solutions for manufacturing enterprises to overcome the current difficult period when the price of aluminum raw materials has continuously increased for many months.

In particular, with the participation of experts from FPT Software Company, the conference discussed the issue of "digital transformation for enterprises in the aluminum industry in Vietnam"; Appropriate roadmaps and solutions to promote digital transformation activities at enterprises to improve production and business efficiency and adapt to the trend of digital transformation taking place globally.

At the end of the conference, the focus of activities in 2021 was given, in order to support businesses to improve the prestige and brand of Vietnamese aluminum and improve the efficiency of enterprises' production and business.

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