What is aluminum profile?

Aluminum profiles are products produced by metal extrusion method. Aluminum alloy is pressed through the mold to form an aluminum bar, the cross-section has the same shape as the extrusion die.

Aluminum is the world's most abundant metal, the third element, accounting for 8% of the earth's crust, with many outstanding advantages compared to other materials.

Although aluminum compounds have been mined and used for many years, aluminum metal was introduced into production in the 11th century. Since then, aluminum profiled products are more popularly applied in many fields.

In addition, the recyclability of aluminum is truly amazing. The properties of aluminum after being recycled remain the same as before. Furthermore, aluminum recycling requires only about 5% of the energy input required to produce pure aluminum metal.

Because of these superior properties, aluminum profiles have been widely used.

Applications of aluminum profiles

In the production of industrial aluminum products

Aluminum profiles play an essential role in the production of mechanical industrial products such as: Aluminum conveyor belts, aluminum radiators, solar frames or power transmission accessories...

With high corrosion resistance. When the aluminum metal surface is exposed to air, a protective oxide coating is formed almost instantaneously. This oxide layer is resistant to corrosion and is further enhanced by surface treatments.

At Tien Dat factory, we apply two modern technologies, which are powder coating and Anode, to bring high quality products that meet the standards of products.

(Aluminium profiles are used in the production of aluminum conveyor belts)

In the field of construction

Aluminum profiles are commonly used to produce products such as doors, windows, aluminum glass partitions or facades. The profile bar with the design inside the empty cavity has many sole ribs, which has a bearing effect that makes the entire door block sturdy and strong and withstands extreme impact pressure.

(Aluminium profiles applied in the design of doors and windows)

Even in areas with harsh climatic conditions and salty seas, aluminum bars are still applied in construction works in a very solid way, able to withstand wind pressure without warping, shrinking, oxidize and rust over time like some common materials.

Aluminum profiles can also create large doors, extremely solid and modern walls. Common applications in high-rise buildings, apartments, offices or large commercial centers.

In the production and design of interior and exterior products

As we know now, aluminum is used to create popular and popular furniture products.

Some products such as: Tables, chairs, shelves or blinds, movable awnings are manufactured at Tien Dat factory according to ISO 9001: 2015.

(Aluminium profiles are commonly used in interior and exterior design)

With light weight, easy to assemble and move, high strength aluminum profiles are also used a lot in the production and manufacturing of products for human life.

Through the above article, we will certainly understand why aluminum profiles are so popular.

Any questions about product details, customers can contact us directly for answers!

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Aluminum profiles are applied in many fields such as: architecture, industry, construction, interior and exterior design, electronics, refrigeration... And with solar energy systems when using aluminum strengths will be clearly promoted.


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The investigation results showed that China was dumping aluminum products, causing the European Union (EU) on March 30, 2021 to officially announce the imposition of tariffs on aluminum products imported from China.