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General introduction

Nowadays, modern design works pay great attention to space, especially with aluminum and glass door design, choosing the right and convenient curtain frame is interested by many customers.

Aluminum curtain rod is the most popular choice today because with its high strength and mechanical properties, it can work well for all types of curtains and windows, contributing to the beauty and highlight of the house. spatial.

Aluminum curtain rods with a variety of designs come in many different lengths and can be combined with many classic and modern designs.

You can choose the curtain rod as you like from style, design to different colors, suitable length.

Features and advantages


  • The aluminum curtain rod is heat-insulating and fire-resistant combined with high-quality curtain materials to help prevent ultraviolet rays and block the sun.
  • TDA aluminum curtain rod is the best choice in regulating light, ensuring privacy, comfort and ventilation, very safe, providing a cool space for users. When you need to get light, you can drag to the sides or  pull up, drop down at different heights.
  • With modern production technology, TDA aluminum curtain rod has high durability, no fading and good temperature resistance, especially limited dust collection and easy cleaning. Due to the electrostatic paint coating, TDA aluminum blinds have anti-rust features, are resistant to water and high humidity, and are available in a variety of colors. Suitable for offices, apartments, hotels, showrooms... creating a harmonious, airy space as well as high aesthetics.
  • With outstanding advantages on curtain rods, aluminum is more popular and widely used than other curtain materials.




Various colors


Various styles and designs

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